The crypt coin market is dyed red

The crypto market has been happening in the last few weeks and so has Bitcoin. So on Friday it was dyed red because of a critical drop. A big drop in the capitalization figures in the crypt market is the cause of this.

On Friday, the analysts‘ predictions came true. For some considered that the strong correction that was taking place in the crypt market, was a harbinger of the beginning of a great fall in the ecosystem.

This fall, in conjunction with other dense factors, has caused a collapse in cryptomarket capitalization figures.

How has your market capitalization evolved in 2020?

The collapse of the capitalization of cryptomonies
At the time of writing, the collapse in market capitalization figures remains tangible, and one of the strongest to date with a loss of $13 billion in the last 24 hours.

There was a collapse in cryptomoney market capitalization figures this Friday. Some analysts believe that this is due to the performance of Bitcoin.

Some analysts believe that this collapse is due to three reasons that have haunted the cryptomoney market.

These reasons are: a great resistance in the quotations of the different crypt-currencies, high financing rates and an overheated bullish run, focused on a market correction.

These conditions have provided this collapse in the figures of capitalization of the market of the crypto-currencies. A strong correction in just one session.

And while analysts felt that this reversal could be healthy for the improvement of the altcoins. Such a drastic drop was not expected for this supposed improvement.

Is a sharp correction in the crypto market beginning?

The fall of Bitcoin to $11,000
After Bitcoin’s bullish peak above $12,000, the crypto market began to act positively. However, reality quickly settled in and triggered a correction, capable of eliminating all those gains.

The BTC fell to $11,400 again, rejecting the $12,468 ceiling. It dropped about 8%, which caused further losses in the altcoins market.

As seen in previous Bitcoin price cycles, the digital asset generally experiences a rapid rise accompanied by a sharp correction.

In summary, we can say that the sharp drop in Bitcoin dragged the altcoins, turning the crypt coin market red in today’s session.

Do you think that this collapse will really provide a healthy setback for the most relevant cryptosystems?